You deserve to indulge into lashes that reflect your unique lifestyle. You are the beauty we desire and this is why Caviar Creme Lash Collection was created - we had you in mind!

Carefully assembled utilizing the best sourced mink hairs, each strand is exclusively chosen to make the most extravagant and feathery common looking lashes ensuring that the pair preserves the original softness, durability and quality of the fur while providing full volume.

You should never settle for less, especially when it comes to the lashes you apply on your eyes daily. Unveil your beautiful eyes with our exquisite collection of 100% real mink lashes, handmade just for you. Our Caviar Creme Lash Collection was designed for any woman who desires deliciously soft and lightweight false eyelashes and wants to add a breathtaking touch to any makeup look.  

Our luxury and exquisite line of mink lashes are made of 100% real Siberian Mink fur and are 100% natural so it provides a beautiful natural shine and they are super lightweight and very flexible, giving a feather-like, wispy look and comfortable on the eyes. Curled to look like real human hair, our lashes are handcrafted from the finest ethically sourced real Siberian mink hair ensuring that they preserve the original softness, durability and quality that they provide. We do not add any chemicals or dyes to our lashes making them dye-free and hypo-allergenic. We source only the highest quality of mink fur for our lash collection.

Our new mink and 3D lashes are available in 3 beautiful collections; Rose Gold, Gold and Signature collection - each with its own unique detail. Our handmade mink lashes are cost-effective and can be worn more than 25 times. Use them individually or stack them up, any way you choose, our Mink Lashes will have you falling in love with yourself. 


Caviar Cosmetics was created out of the need to provide beautiful and the most natural-looking false lashes for every woman out there.  

Based in Miami, Florida, as a small start-up business we wanted to provide handmade, luxurious, elegant lashes and at the same time give back to the animals in the community. We are collaborating with some important organizations to donate some proceedings to help animals without shelter. With that said, we have a huge love for animals and we have created Lash For a Cause – Lash for Paws. You can read more about our mission here. 

Our Mink Lash Collection consists of remarkably handpicked Siberian Mink hair fibers and offer beautiful long-lasting results.

We offer worldwide shipping.

We offer wholesale for anyone interested. All requests can be submitted here in our Contact Us Page.